“Who’s going to believe a talking head? Get a job in a sideshow.”

Yes, Re-Animator a cheesy horror film of the 80’s, but the score is quite enjoyable! What is this crazy, horror film all about? Who directed the film? The Director was Stuart Gordon and the story was of course from H.P. Lovecraft. The plot is simple…A medical student (Jeffrey Combs) brings his headless professor back from the dead with a special serum. Of course there is a love interest in the film, a death to a friend. Many horrific things happen but fun overall.

The score was composed by Richard Band and Bernard Merrmann.

Here is the Amazon link to the score.

Here is the ITunes link to the theme.

Here are the clips!

The Theme

Searching for the Body in the Morgue

Body and Soul

Corpses Run Amok

Meg Re-Animated and End Title


Well that’s all for this week. Hope you all enjoyed it. See you next week for Red Sonja! See you then!