“All dogs go to heaven because, unlike people, dogs are naturally good and loyal and kind.” the wippett angel said.

This is a charming tale of the belief that all dogs go to heaven. The animation style that Don Bluth developed helped future animators. This animated movie had a lot of heart though and enriched the experience.

Here is the basic plot…In this animated feature, canine casino owner Charlie (Burt Reynolds) is killed by gambler Carface (Vic Tayback), but returns to Earth from heaven thanks to the powers of a magical, rewindable watch. Charlie sets out to take his revenge on Carface by means of an elaborate plan that involves an orphan girl, Anne-Marie. But as the plan progresses, Charlie discovers that Anne-Marie is being exploited by Carface. Charlie must decide whether to change his mission from one of revenge to one of rescue.

I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would.  The score is done by Ralph Burns and lyrics by Charles Strouse, T.J. Kuenster, Joel Hirschhorn, and Al Kasha.

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Here you go…

You Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down.


Soon You’ll Come Home


Love Survives


Let’s Make Music Together


Well that’s it for this week, hope you enjoyed it! See you next week for Back to the Future Part II. Happy Listening!