Mona Lisa Vito: What name did you tell him?

Vinny Gambini: Jerry Gallo.

Mona Lisa Vito: Jerry Gallo! The big attorney.

Vinny Gambini: Yeah.

Mona Lisa Vito: Think that was a smart move?

Vinny Gambini: Yeah, well, the man’s a seriously accomplished lawyer. If he checks up on this guy, his name will come up all over the place.

Mona Lisa Vito: His name was in the papers all last week.

Vinny Gambini: Yeah, I saw that.

Mona Lisa Vito: But you didn’t actually read the articles.

Vinny Gambini: No.

Mona Lisa Vito: Too bad.

Vinny Gambini: Why’s that?

Mona Lisa Vito: ‘Cause he’s dead.

So this funny courtroom comedy is giving us Joe Peshi and Marisa Tomei.  Here is the basic plot…New York lawyer Vinny has never won a case. When his teenage cousin Bill and his friend Stan are accused of murder in a backwater Alabama town, it’s up to the nervous Vinny to save him from jail, even though he’s only ever tried personal injury cases before, and none of them successfully.

Truth be told I’ve never watched this on dvd or anything like that. I’ve only seen it on network television, so having the rating be R wasn’t an issue.

The soundtrack is a combination of different artist, and the score is by Randy Edelman.  I enjoyed the score, but the soundtrack sometimes can be forgettable with a few memorable songs.

You can get the soundtrack on Amazon.

You can also find the score on ITunes.

Would you like some clips?

Here you go…


Something’s Wrong


Travis Tritt – Bible Belt


Way Down South


The Trailer


Well that’s it this week, Next week look forward to The Cutting Edge! So Happy Listening!