Hello everyone! This week is the week of Planet Comic Con 2019. It is their 20th Anniversary this year. I’ll be hosting a panel on Sunday. It is of course The Soundtrack’s Role in Nerdy Movies panel. I’ve revamped it and changed it quite a bit, but still excellent material. This year I’ve got Tim Benson helping with speaking duties for the panel. And to coincide with Planet as well as with Tim Benson…I present my episode of Soundtrack Alley on Dune from 1984. Listen to the great episode that Tim and I put on about his top and favorite movie of all time. Greater than Star Wars. With the upcoming movie in the works, can’t wait to see that, we had a great time discussing that classic film. So I hope you enjoy this revisit and when the panel is complete, you’ll get a full audio feed of the podcast. Catch ya later.

Here is the link…

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