Spoiler Alert!!!


Today, I’ve got some warm fuzzy feels toward the score “For Your Consideration” Rise of Skywalker score that was just released to people with special access. Thanks to my good friend Erik Woods for posting on Twitter about this special event. I can’t say enough about the score. From the very first tracks clear to the end there are bits of everyStar Wars film ever in the whole score. You’ve got the Kylo Ren theme, Rey’s theme, The Imperial March, Luke’s theme, you have themes from Star Wars a new hope that hightens your love for the franchise. This is something that has been on my mind for several months.


I can’t help but give my brief review of the score and how it is impacted through bringing you elements of Anakin’s theme, The Force Theme, Padme’s theme, The major Obi-One theme, benefiting from the Rebellion theme by a ton, and you get some surprises by getting the Emperor’s theme toward the end of the score. You also get so much from even chorus and singers giving you this epic quality to the score. I feel like giving us this tease of the score so close, in fact a week before the film is pure torture. I know this isn’t the whole score either. This review goes up today and will be up, the link to the listen for the score will only be up for a short while. Rey’s theme is highlighted rather well, and John Williams really lets go with so much complexity and reward from the film franchise. This is his opus for Star Wars. I know many people had so much hate toward 8 , but when you’ve been invested in Star Wars since 1977, (The Year I was Born) You can’t help but keep up with every movie that has come out and love the whole series no matter what. I really enjoy The Last Jedi, I love The Force Awakens, The Prequels and Of Course the Original Trilogy.

I’m sorry that I seem to be raving on and on about a score but there are elements of the score that just stand out so much! I hope you all who read this between today and tomorrow listen to the link of the score and enjoy it for what it is.


Until Friday when I bring you more music and commentary on something that I’ve had as a revisit for awhile. Until then enjoy this link for the score to Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker!