“You ain’t seen Chicago, you ain’t seen nothin”.  A Disney film from the 80’s that was gritty and unusual for the time it was made. It almost set a presedent for future films in the 90’s.  The film starred Meredith Salenger and John Cusack. It was a film of a young woman finding her father. The score stands out as unique with James Horner.

What makes it great is the music and the film go so well together. Here is the basic plot of the film…Warm-hearted family tale of a girl’s cross-country trek to find her father, set during the bleak days of the Depression in America. When her father goes to work in the Pacific Northwest, the brave youngster sets out on the long journey from Chicago to join him. En route she is befriended by a wolf, which becomes a protective traveling companion.

Here is the Amazon Link to the score.

Would you like some clips?

Title Theme


Frieght Train

First Love

Wolf Calls

Reunion and End Title

The whole score can be found on youtube for your viewing pleasure. Thats it this week guys, hope you enjoyed it. Next Week LadyHawke! See You Then!