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Hi, I’m Randy Andrews (a.k.a. the soundtrack man). Talking about soundtracks isn’t just a hobby, its an obsession. I love soundtracks from movies, tv, and video games. I lean more toward the movie side of things. I have a podcast as well, this site, though is where everything is linked. I’m a nerd, I read sci-fi, I like to draw whatever comes into my head and I blog every week to keep my mind on Soundtracks.

I was born and raised in Plattsmouth NE. I currently live in Council Bluffs Iowa. My wife is the knitting master Hayley (a.k.a. Cottage Chick). I am found on Twitter, and Instagram. I rant about movies and love comics. My podcast is called Soundtrack Alley Spotlight, it used to be just Soundtrack Alley. I’ve been doing the podcast for about two years on and off, it feels like a lot more time has passed since then. I’ve interviewed composers from the past to the present and I’ve had special guest on my show as well.

Check me out by emailing me

The Podcast is on, Spotify, Breaker, PocketCast, Radio Public, Google Podcast and Apple Podcast if you want to listen to it. I’ll be updating more as time goes by.

Happy Listening!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Randy,
    Nice meeting you. I see you have a nice array of talents. I look forward to see more of your blogs 🙂


  2. Randy, our life experiences are about as far apart as the north is from the south BUT I enjoyed browsing your blog. I know nothing about sci-fi, sound tracks, games, or drawing, but you are interesting and write well. I do know a little about Nebraska – as in Nebraska/Oklahoma Football. Now don’t tell me you don’t like football! Even I like football! It’s good to meet you, Neighbor.

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  3. Randy,

    I love the idea of reading a blog that’s devoted to soundtracks. I write a music blog, so I’ll keep my eye out for cool songs that you feature on here. Looking forward to reading more soon!



  4. I think you’re idea about a blog about soundtracks is so cool. (My own blog is hugely inspired by music and it’s central to its theme.) I look forward to reading more from you.

    Do you have a favorite soundtrack in particular?


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