Jareth: You remind me of the babe.

Goblin: What babe?

Jareth: The babe with the power.

Goblin: What power?

Jareth: The power of voodoo.

Goblin: Who do?

Jareth: You do.

Goblin: Do what?

Jareth: Remind me of the babe.

Yes, this Jim Henson production was one of the last great films that he did. Creating so many great creatures and making them lovable and fun. I keep looking back on this film with a fondness for the work that went into the creation of the different characters. The mechanics of puppetry became better and better. Things are still getting better with puppetry. Also the music is unforgettable. Jennifer Connelly is great in the movie, even if she was really young in the movie. David Bowie was great as the Goblin King.

Here is the basic plot in case you were wondering…Teenage Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) journeys through a maze to recover her baby stepbrother (Toby Froud) from a goblin king (David Bowie). A very simple plot for a fun and enjoyable musically inclined movie.

The Score is Done by Trevor Jones and Music by David Bowie.

You can find the soundtrack on Amazon.

The soundtrack is also found on Itunes.

Would you like some clips from the film?


Opening Title/Underground


Dance Magic Dance




As the World Falls Down


Hope you have enjoyed this week! Next week Little Shop of Horrors! See you then and Happy Listening!