” Is that all you can think about? Being a good little girl and charming the teachers? Well, naturally it never occurred to you that some of us aren’t born with the same charm! But you don’t care; you’re always the good little heroine, while I have to be the one everyone said was spoiled! Okay, if people say I’m the bad girl, then that’s what I’m gonna be!” said B-Ko.

This was a fun 1980’s Anime that started with Saturday Anime on the Sci-Fi Channel.

I really enjoyed this film, I know it’s a cheesy 1980’s Anime about a girl and her friend who was a whiny little brat. However, it had some really awesome action scenes and the Animation is top notch.

What is the plot of this fun animation film? Here you go…In the wake of a massive asteroid impact, two new students arrive for their first day at Graviton Academy: red-headed A-ko (Miki Itô), a young girl with psychokinetic abilities, who is skilled in the martial arts, and her tiny blonde sidekick C-ko (Michie Tomizawa). But when rich-girl B-ko (Emi Shinohara) decides she wants the adorable C-ko to ditch A-ko and join her clique, a heated rivalry between B-ko and A-ko ensues. Meanwhile, a bizarre alien ship arrives on the outskirts of Graviton City.

The soundtrack was composed by Joey Carbone and Richie Zito. It’s fun and enjoyable and even has some songs that are singable.

You can get the soundtrack on Amazon.

Would you like some clips? Here you go…



Dance Away


Spaceship in the Dark


Max 5000


Growth Strength scene


The Full Soundtrack


Well that’s all for today. Look forward to Sunday for The Living Daylights. Happy Listening!