“George, a wonderful thing about Alaska is that matrimony hasn’t hit up here yet. Let’s keep it a free country!” Sam McCord said.

This movie about finding a woman who could care for food and feed miners of gold  changed into a romantic comedy with John Wayne at the helm.

Here is the basic plot…When George Pratt (Stewart Granger) and Sam McCord (John Wayne) strike gold in Alaska, they must struggle to keep their fortune because of the constant interference from Frankie Canon (Ernie Kovacs), who wants to claim the gold for himself. After being ordered to find George’s fiancée in Seattle, Sam discovers that she has already married another man. Unable to deliver George’s fiancée, Sam decides to bring him a prostitute named Angel (Capucine).

The movie was directed by John Wayne and Henry Hathaway. The score was composed by Lionel Newman

You can find the soundtrack on Amazon. It’s paired with the soundtrack Two Flags West. You have to endure dealing with the other soundtrack but it is available.

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The Soundtrack Suite


Johnny Horton North to Alaska


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