” You know your weapons. It’s a lever-action, breach-loader. Usual barrel length’s thirty inches. This one has an extra four. It’s converted to use a special forty-five caliber, hundred-and-ten-grain metal cartridge, with a five-hundred-forty-grain paper patch bullet. It’s fitted with double-set triggers, and a Vernier sight, marked up to twelve-hundred yards. This one shoots a mite further,” Quigley said.

This western that features Tom Selleck, Laura San Giacomo and Alan Rickman.  Its a underrated western that has action, romance, humor and excitement.  The film is directed by Simon Wincer and the score is composed by Basil Poledouris.

Here is the basic plot…

Matthew Quigley (Tom Selleck) is an American rifleman who travels to the Australian outback to answer a help wanted ad calling for a sharpshooter. When Quigley meets his employer, Elliot Marston (Alan Rickman), he’s appalled to discover the job involves killing Aborigines. The two men fight, and when Quigley is knocked out, Marston leaves him and a local crazy woman (Laura San Giacomo) to die in a remote part of the outback. They’re rescued, however, by Aborigines, and plot their revenge.

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Main Title

Native Montage

The Fire

The Soundtrack Suite

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