Greetings to all my adoring soundtrack followers. I come to you today with an epiphone that from now on, I’ll be focusing on passion projects that actually make me happy from the years of movies i’ve seen and how I’ve reacted to them. So this week I’ll be sharing with you all, Cherry 2000 from 1988. It’s a post-apocalyptic sexy romp to the desert and back again with stars like Melanie Griffith. I hope you enjoy the facts I share about the score and how excellent Basil Poledouris did on the score. It’s so original and everyone should be listening to it! I always enjoy the interaction I have with fans of movie scores. I hope to see you all at O Comic Con this year!

Just a note…My blog is now; no longer .net. I hope you all can enjoy that and I’ll bring more great content here on out!

Here is the link to the episode!

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