For the entire year of 2019, I saw a total of maybe five movies in theaters that were brand new! I feel like this list of films is very small, but I can’t help it. The films were what impacted myself for the entire year.


The beginning of the year brought us the amazing manga adapted film Alita: Battle Angel, this film merged about four volumes of the manga together and created a well crafted story being able to be told in two hours. The score was composed by Tom Holkenberg otherwise known as Junkie XL.


The next film that I saw in the year was Captain Marvel, not when it came out, but much later this winter through Disney Plus. I really enjoyed this film with Brie Larson. The action is not what I expected for the film and the score really was fantastic by Pinar Toprak.


The third film was so epic in nature that I think I have to take a break from Marvel movies for awhile. Avengers: Endgame involved so much, and so many characters throughout the film that it was an overload of information. So much death, so much violence, so much weird time travel that the film almost lost me in a few places. Of course when you have an enemy like Thanos, you have to have something so epic that it almost seems cluttered. The score to the film was by Alan Silvestri who has pattoned the Avengers theme so brilliantly that people can actually identify it. This has been a rare quality that has existed in these Marvel movies of late.


The next film I want to discuss or share with you is Godzilla King of the Monsters. I haven’t seen this film! I want to, but still haven’t. The score is fantastic and very well composed. Bear McCreary was the talented voice behind the music and he weaved the original 1954 theme into this brand new film. Can’t wait to see the actual movie!


The next film wasn’t made this year, it was made twenty years ago back in 1999. Galaxy Quest the movie was a parody of Star Trek, about “Star Trek” type actors and their fans and how they get put into some real world sci-fi action along with great humor! The score was done by David Newman. The reason this is on my list is I saw the film at a Movie Party this year as well as seeing the Never Surrender documentary. I hope you enjoy the suite of music.


The last film of the year that I saw was Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker. This movie was amazing! It was fun, adventurous, it filled in gaps in the story, brought you some great call backs to earlier movies and brought back the best villian, being The Emperor. This was John Williams opus film for Star Wars and he weaved a wide array of themes into the film to give us the last chapter in the Skywalker Saga.


An honorable mention that I have is The Meg. Its a movie about two giant sharks, I mean these are monster sharks, like Megladon sharks from the Jurassic period. This had more fun, and felt like there was very little danger in the film. I still enjoyed it and the score was done by Harry Gregson-Williams.


The last honorable mention I have is Mortal Engines. I really enjoyed this movie. For most people that I know, this film fell below their radar and they didn’t consider even going to see the epic nature of the story. The books span four instead of your standard three. I want to read all of them. One day I will. The score for the film was by Junkie XL and again, he knocked it out of the park with his composing skills.


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