Today I spent some time contemplating and completely enjoying the score to Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It hasn’t been that long since Erik Woods and I discussed this on the podcast. If you are interested look back at the links in the notes below about the amazing score this film had. The commercial album by Jerry Goldsmith was very short and didn’t include everything that was needed for the film. There was so much to the film, it took me by surprise initially. I think now that I look back, I want to watch the film again and enjoy all the slow shots, the long shots, the brilliance that is Star Trek and not Action Trek. Discovery is certainly Action Trek and is good but also very disappointing, it seems to carve out its own path and ignores why Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek in the first place.

I hope you appreciate what I’ve said here. I don’t really care if someone likes Discovery or not, it is my thoughts and I won’t change it. I grew up loving Star Trek and it kept a respectability that will never go away. Yes, there are episodes that are frightfully horrible, but a vast majority that were really well organized also.

Anyway listen again to the episode that Erik and I did. It’s here in the notes.

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