Today on Soundtrack Alley, I’ll be discussing an interview I did with ELIZABETH PHILLIPSON WEINER. We discuss some of her music and the films she has worked on.

Elizabeth was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Experienced in a wide variety of genres of music, Elizabeth loves to connect with filmmakers and the collaborative art of film scoring. Her music combines unique synth sounds with organic instruments to create bespoke sound palates for each project.

Her scores have premiered in films at the Tribeca Film Festival, Hollyshorts, Urbanworld Film Festival, and Raindance. She’s written the music for everything from non-profit campaigns to congressional campaigns. She is currently scoring a feature film directed by Stacey Maltin for Besties Make Movies.

We discussed her early work and how she got involved with film music, her work on film festivals and the amazing work through the Tribeca Film Festival. We also discussed her music for a few new films yet to be released and I share music from some of her amazing career. I hope you enjoy the show.

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