I have been and always shall be your friend…Quotes by Mr. Spock on Vulcan after the ritual of the Mind Meld with Doctor McCoy. What an ironic time to bring up this movie, but it was the next movie in my que of soundtracks to present. I truly want to express my grief over the loss of Leonard Nemoy who will always be Spock to me. Many people are still morning the loss of him and will continue to do so until a new trek enters the picture. What is The Search for Spock about? What is the soundtrack like? I’d like to tell you.

The basic plot of the movie is this…Adm. James T. Kirk (William Shatner) has defeated his archenemy but at great cost. His friend Spock has apparently been killed, the USS Enterprise is being scrapped, and starship physician Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy (DeForest Kelley) has taken ill. McCoy’s odd behavior is evidence he’s harboring Spock’s katra, or animating spirit, and Kirk seeks to take the Enterprise back to the Genesis Planet and find his friend. Rebuffed, Kirk takes dramatic action that results in war with deadly Klingons.

Leonard Nemoy even directed this film, which gives us more heart wrenching feelings that he could do a movie that wasn’t the greatest but then give us the next in the series which is greatly reveared. This is actually one of the movies I liked as a child. I always enjoy Star Trek film music and this one doesn’t cut it short. The score is composed by James Horner who also did The Wrath of Khan. In this score you have the mysterious sounds of the Vulcan planet for the first time on screen, then you have the iconic scoring of Klingons in the film.

Here is the Amazon link for The Search for Spock score.

There isn’t a link for the ITunes version of the score but you can still find it on Amazon or other places to buy.

Would you like some clips to the score?

The Main Theme


Stealing the Enterprise

Spock endures PonFar

Finally the complete score.


Well that’s it this week guys, hope you enjoyed it. Next week The Terminator. See you then!