Wish by day dream by night, themes to Secret of Nimh. Many people who have seen this film think it dark and sinister. Yes they would be correct in assuming that but it is so much more. Don Bluth proved animation can tell a wonderful deep story full of mystery and adventure. The plot is fairly simple for the film.

Mrs. Brisby (Elizabeth Hartman), a widowed mouse, must move her children out of their home in a field before the local farmer starts plowing. Unable to leave because her son is ill, Mrs. Brisby seeks the help of nearby rats, who have heightened intelligence after being the subjects of scientific experiments. She receives an unexpected gift from the elder rat, Nicodemus (Derek Jacobi). Soon Mrs. Brisby is caught in a conflict among the rats, jeopardizing her mission to save her family.

The animation is so well done and the scoring by Jerry Goldsmith is really magical and beautiful. It really helps draw you into the beauty of the animation style and story. The movie of course is based on Mrs. Brisby and the Rats of Nimh. You see it more in the movie.

Here is the link for Amazon. The Score is really expensive here on Amazon so you may want to try a different site.

There is no link for ITunes but I have some wonderful youtube videos for you all.

First the main theme…

Next we have Timmy’s Sickness

The main singing theme, Flying Dreams

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Finally the End themes…

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