“Always there are, a master and an apprentice, no more, no less.” Thus are the words of Yoda.

One of the many enjoyments I want to start sharing is my love of listening to the actual soundtrack. There are many soundtracks that hold places in my heart to give me a new perspective on writing or drawing or even just appreciating music. Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menance is one of those scores that gives me a different perspective on the music. There are themes in the first movie that are amazing and well composed. I just had been listening to this soundtrack in my car about two or three days ago and I truly appreciated the music.

One of the many peices of music I enjoyed was the track Anakin’s Theme. This theme is deeper than what people hear. Of course there is the simple music of a child developing but what resides in the track is the Imperial Theme and Darth Vader’s theme. 

Another theme I truly appreciate is the Sith Spaceship and the Droid Invasion. This is two parts and helps us to see the development of not only the Sith themes, but also the Droid themes for the three prequel movies. It is incorporated into the three movies that many people don’t quite appreciate as much as the Original trilogy. I still love listening to the whole soundtrack. I look forward to listening to more and sharing what I listen to. 

This is something new I’m trying. Please share what you like, see how opinions can draw people together to appreciate music for what it is…A doorway into another world!. 

Until Sunday. Keep Listening and soundtrack on.