” Your Majesty, they have discovered the Yellow Brick Road and are on their way to the Emerald city.”

” Good. They won’t get past…Mombi.”

A darker, scarier tale from the mind of L. Frank Baum. The Wizard of Oz took place a few years before and Dorothy is again drawn to Oz. This seems to be the kind of film Tim Burton could have made.

What is the plot? Dorothy discovers she is back in the land of Oz, and finds the yellow brick road is now a pile of rubble, and the Emerald City is in ruins. Discovering that the magical land is now under the control of an evilempire, she sets off to rescue the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion with the help of her new friends.  

Yes, Oz is creepy and dark, but so is real life for Dorothy. You don’t realize how dark until you see that she is taken to a asylum for the very reason she had went to Oz in the first place.

Who composed the score? David Shire. He is one who seemed to precede Danny Elfman in music genius.

You can get the soundtrack two ways on Amazon. There is the 2 CD set, and there is the one CD set as well.

On ITunes we get the Suite from the film.

Want some clips?  Here we go!

Dorothy Remembers Oz


The Deserted City/The Wheelers/Tik Tok


Mombi’s Hall of Heads


Dorothy Defeats the Gnome King


Finale and End Credits


This is one of those soundtracks that are worth getting. I recommend it, but I also recommend seeing the movie. If you like darker movies, you must see this one.

That’s it for this week everyone. See you next week for Weird Science! Happy Listening!