This film was a riff on spy movies and the Elvis Presley era of music. We have our hero who is a rock n’ roll sensation who gets hurled into the world of the spy. Its a parody onto itself with goofiness and fun throughout the entire film. It is even reflected in the way the soundtrack plays out. Skeet surfin just to name one.

Here is the basic plot…Popular and dashing American singer Nick Rivers (Val Kilmer) travels to East Germany to perform in a music festival. When he loses his heart to the gorgeous Hillary Flammond (Lucy Gutteridge), he finds himself caught up in an underground resistance movement. Rivers joins forces with Agent Cedric (Omar Sharif) and Flammond to attempt the rescue of her father, Dr. Paul (Michael Gough), from the Germans, who have captured the scientist in hopes of coercing him into building a new naval mine.

The Score is composed by Marice Jarre and is as silly as the film is. Still alot of fun to play.

Here is the Amazon link to the score.

Its really hard to find this soundtrack anywhere else, unless you feel classic and want the soundtrack on vinyl record, which is becoming more popular once again.

Here are some of the clips I have found.

Skeet Surfin

Are you lonesome tonight?

Spend the Night with Me

Straighen out the Rug

End Credits

How Silly Can you get


Well that’s all for this week, hope you liked it. Next week Back to the Future! See you then!