treasure planet1

“Now you listen to me, James Hawkins. You got the makings of greatness in you, but you got to take the helm and chart your own course. Stick to it, no matter the squalls! And when the time comes you get the chance to really test the cut of your sails, and show what you’re made of… well, I hope I’m there, catching some of the light coming off you that day.” Said John Silver the Cyborg.

  Treasure Planet was a film that renewed visions of the past stories of Robert Lewis Stevenson. The story was set in the future but really so much of it depended on elements of the past. The Ships of Space were with Solar Sails and Pirates and Officers had laser guns with bullets and real swords. I love this soundtrack every time I listen to it. I recently listened to the whole score and truly appreciated James Newton Howard’s composition of melody and form. He stuck with traditional elements, giving you a feeling of naustalgia from days long past.

With the modern songs added to the film, it kept its foot in modern sensibilities. Giving some rock to this ancient idea of buried treasure. In this case a planet of treasure. I for one will continue to enjoy this soundtrack from time to time, giving me glee in thinking about the film and the feelings I get from re-reading the book Treasure Island.

Maybe Hollywood will someday revisit Treasure Island and give us a movie that is close to the book!

Until then we enjoy reimaginings like Treasure Planet.

Here is something to remember the film.

Until my next post, Happy Listening!