The Stratton Setlist

Editor’s Note: I’d like to thank Soundtrack Alley’s “Plunge Into Oblivion” post for inspiring the latest song I’ve added to The Stratton Setlist.

M83’s “Midnight City” reminds me why I love being a night person.

In my mind, Anthony Gonzalez’s signature song conjures up images of crowded concerts, booming city streets and urban adventures.

It beckons me to visit the city, catch a show at a small club and seek refuge from my daily life.

One of the song’s iconic lyrics, “The city is my church/It wraps me in its binding twilight,” sums up my love of night life.

Each night, I experience a sense of renewal after 8 p.m. It’s the time of day when routines retire, creativity flares and thoughts soar toward future possibilities.

There’s an ethereal quality to “Midnight City” that instantly transports me to a bustling downtown and a night filled with new beginnings – “Following…

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