short circuit

“Hey, laser lips, your mama was a snow blower.” Johnny 5 quoted to the inferior robots of NOVA.

A fun and quirky comedy sci-fi from 1986. What is the plot of this film?

Here it is…After a lightning bolt gives it human emotions and intelligence, a military robot escapes and finds refuge at the home of an animal-loving pacifist (Ally Sheedy).

Not a complicated plot and the music was fun with the David Shire score. The film was directed by John Badham and gave life to the robot we all love as Johnny 5!

Finding the soundtrack on Amazon is difficult but not impossible.

The score doesn’t exist on Itunes, considering its an older 80’s movie you can see why.

Here are some clips!

Opening Titles


Come Follow Me


Danger Nova, Escape Attempt, Aftermath


Who’s Johnny!


Well that’s all for this week. Look forward to my week post, and next week Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. See you then and Happy Listening!