“We’ve been fighting a losing battle against the insects for fifteen years, but I never thought I’d see the final face-off in my lifetime. And I never dreamed, that it would turn out to be the bees. They’ve always been our friend.” Brad Crane said as swarms of bees invaded.

This movie was your typical 70’s horror survival flick with a touch of disaster film melded into a creature feature. It was weird, unusual and actually somewhat funny.

The film was directed by Irwin Allen. Why is this such a special post today? Well let me tell you a story. With the inspiration of getting stung once on Sunday and almost twice this week I’m doing this special post.

Yes, Sunday I was digging up bricks for a nice firepit that my wife and I worked on. Suddenly out of nowhere a sweat bee came out and starting buzzing around my head, he stung me on my head without leaving a stinger. I had to ice my head for almost an hour for the pain to subside. Then Monday morning I was taking the dog out and on the way in a bumblebee threatened to sting me, well I learned…I grabbed a fly swatter and smacked him hard and he sufficiently died. Then we come to Wednesday night, again I was taking my dog out and as I brought him in from our back yard (you see a pattern here?) a bumble bee hitched a ride on me and came into the house.  My wife and I were both blogging then suddenly I heard the familiar buzzing around my head. I quickly lerched around and swatted the bee, stunning it enough to get up and retreive two paper towels to crumple him up and throw him in the garbage. Yes bees are dangerous. This gives you the special presentation of the Swarm soundtrack today.

Here is the plot of the movie…Scientist Dr. Bradford Crane and army general Thalius Slater join forces to fight an almost invisible enemy threatening America; killer bees that have deadly venom and attack without reason. Disaster movie-master Irwin Allen’s film contains spectacular special effects, including a train crash caused by the eponymous swarm.

You can find the soundtrack on Amazon even with its 35 dollar price tag.

You can find variations of the soundtrack on ITunes on a collection.

You also will find the Podcast “Film Sack” entertaining with the Episode devoted to The Swarm. Here is the Link.

So would you like some clips from the Jerry Goldsmith Score?

Here you go.

The Main Theme


The End Titles


That’s it for this week everyone, hope you enjoyed a little tease into my life. Sunday look forward to Short Circuit. Happy Listening!