“Every human being has a basic instinct: to help each other out. If a hiker gets lost in the mountains, people will coordinate a search. If a train crashes, people will line up to give blood. If an earthquake levels a city, people all over the world will send emergency supplies. This is so fundamentally human that it’s found in every culture without exception.” Mark Watney

Once again, Ridley Scott has proven that he can pull off an amazing film with overwelming odds. This time, I think he’s already received the oscar. The Martian was really amazing, giving you this ominous score that shows you another world in which to reside. I feel like it will be one to listen to while reading the book by Andy Weir over and over again.

I found the seventies songs really fun for the movie, you get that feeling when reading the book as well. But it comes to life while on the big screen. Matt Damon was fantastic and the scoring by Harry Gregson-Williams was truly impressive.

I can’t say enough about this score, and I can’t give away the movie! If you have not seen the movie, you should, if not for yourself, then for Mark Watney who lives in the fictional mind of Andy Weir.

You can find the score on Amazon. The main score is found Here.

You also can find it on ITunes.

Here is just a couple clips from the film.

The Whole Score!


Hot Stuff by Donna Summer


Well that’s it this week, See you Sunday for The Three Amigos! Happy Listening!