“You guys want some sandwiches?” quoted Ginger.

This movie proved that 80’s post apocalyptic movies can be fun and enjoyable. The casting isn’t fantastic but it hits all the marks for adventure and fun. Also all around weirdness with the strange settings for where the action took place.

Cherry 2000 was directed by Steve De Jarnatt and the score was composed by Basil Poledouris who is also known for doing Conan the Barbarian as well as The Hunt for Red October.

Here is the basic plot…In the post-apocalyptic California of 2017, Sam Treadwell (David Andrews) manages a recycling plant. His companion is Cherry 2000 (Pamela Gidley), a lifelike robot who caters to his every need. When Cherry expires, Treadwell refuses to settle for a newer, less attractive robot. Salvaging the chip containing her personality, he hires tracker E. Johnson (Melanie Griffith) to lead him through the lawless desert zone, where a replacement Cherry 2000 model can be found.

Melanie Griffith holds the film together as well as the villian in the movie. He is actually probably one of the more interesting characters of the film. The score is really great and is a must buy for soundtrack collectors.

You can find the score on Amazon.

You can also find it on ITunes, it is really great as a digital album.

Would you like some clips? Here they are…

Soundtrack Suite


Erase and Rewind




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