David Seville: I’m just calling to see how everything is.

Miss Rebecca Miller: Oh, everything is fine. It’s quiet as a mouse around here.

David Seville: Alvin’s behaving himself?

Miss Rebecca Miller: He is? Well, that’s good.

David Seville: Could I talk to the boys?

Miss Rebecca Miller: Well, I don’t see why not.

David Seville: Is Alvin available?

Miss Rebecca Miller: Available for what?

David Seville: To talk?

Miss Rebecca Miller: Well, how should I know?

David Seville: Look, Miss Miller, I just called to see if everything was all right.

Miss Rebecca Miller: Everything’s fine, David.

David Seville: Well, give the boys my love.

Miss Rebecca Miller: Why don’t you give them your love?

David Seville: Well, are they available?

Miss Rebecca Miller: Available for what?

David Seville: Never mind. Nice talking to you, Miss Miller.

Miss Rebecca Miller: You too, David. And David? Get some rest, will you?

[they both hang up]

Miss Rebecca Miller: Oh, that poor man is losing his marbles.


This is the first Alvin and the Chipmunks movie that was done after the TV series ended. Alvin, Simon and Theodore are off on an adventure around the world. Along the way they see the Chipettes and the adventure becomes a musical romp with really superb animation.

The movie was directed by Janice Karman and the music is sung by the chipmunks and chipettes along with Randy Edelman doing the score.

What is the plot of this animated feature? Here you go…Simon, Theodore and Alvin become involved in a jewel-smuggling operation while their guardian is away.

A rather simple plot, but well executed and fun.

You can find the soundtrack on Amazon.

Here are a few clips from the film.


Off to see the World


Girls and Boys of Rock N’ Roll


Diamond Dolls


The Theme


Getting Lucky


Finally Wully Bully


Well that’s all for today. Look forward to next week with Dirty Dancing! Happy Listening!