Star Wars The Force Awakens Preview

“The Force, it’s calling to you. Just let it in.” Maz Kanata said.

If you haven’t seen Star Wars VII The Force Awakens yet, you need to stop reading and go see the movie. I thought this movie was brilliant, fun, and heartwarming! I loved every minute of it. It raised several new questions for new audiences as well as ones who have seen Star Wars several times before.

The plot is difficult to sum up into words without giving anything away so I won’t at this time. Maybe when I do a full post for the score I’ll share my thoughts about the film in greater detail.

For now I give you previews of the Art from the Film and you can enjoy a couple clips from the score.


These are just a few concept paintings


I like this concept really a lot


This reminds me of The Empire Strikes Back


This is one of the fun moments in the trailer!

Now I present you with two clips…

Rey’s Themes Medley


Main Title and Attack on the Jakku Village


I’ve mainly wet your appetite for more and I hope you enjoy it when you see the movie as well.

That’s all for this week. See you Sunday for Good Morning Vietnam! Happy Listening!