Barnaby: All set. Is you motor running?

Lois Laurel: Is yours?

Barnaby: Takes while to warm up.

Lois Laurel: Does, me too.

This is a hidden gem of a Howard Hawks movie.

Here is the basic plot…Chemist Dr. Barnaby Fulton (Cary Grant) is developing a pill that will defy the aging process for the pharmaceutical company run by Oliver Oxley (Charles Coburn). When a loose chimpanzee mixes chemicals together that produce this effect, Fulton tries some on himself. This prompts him to act like a teenager, making passes at Oxley’s buxom secretary, Lois (Marilyn Monroe). Soon everyone, including Fulton’s wife, Edwina (Ginger Rogers), is feeling the effects of the formula, with hilarious results.

Its a fun, screwball comedy that makes you laugh clear through the movie.

It is Cary Grant at his best. Marilyn Monroe is great in her role as well.

You can’t find the soundtrack anywhere, but its a fun movie.

Here are a few clips from the film…


Monkey Business Trailer


I have something I wanna show you.


A Crazy Drive, Skate Swimming Pool


Hope you enjoyed this music and movie clips! It’s one of my favorite movies. There is no official soundtrack piece for the movie. So you have to enjoy what I’ve given you.

Have a good day and see you Thursday for Non-Stop. Happy Listening!