“When faced with the enemy, the Englishman proceeds with coolness and courage. ” Ross Poldark said.

This series which stars Aidan Turner has exploded onto people’s hearts. An interesting fact is that Poldark was one of the first series to be aired by Masterpeice. Now many years later they have new directors and new producers and new actors portraying the same situations as back in the early days of Masterpeice.

Speaking of Aidan Turner, Many know him as a Dwarf from The Hobbit. Don’t think so?

Here is a picture…

dwarves Aidan Turner

See him in the middle? Yes that is Aidan Turner. He didn’t look like much in the Hobbit movies but he has certainly made an impression on British Television now.

Seeing that Sunday’s I don’t do TV soundtrack post. I’ll give you the run down for the plot of Poldark.

Ross Poldark returns from the battlefield to find his father dead and his estate in ruins.

Much happens within the first season. More than you’d expect. The score is composed by artist Anne Dudley. The tv series is directed by Edward Bazalgette and William MacGregor.

You can find the score on Amazon.

You can also find it on ITunes.

Would you like a few clips?

Here you go…

The Theme


The Longest Walk


Medhel an Gwyns


Demelza’s Song


Look forward to Sunday when I bring you Big! Happy Listening!