“Broaden your minds — have another beer. Have two!” Mrs. Darcy said.

The beauty of the outback, the return of Jim Craig and Jessica Harrison, along with a fantastic score. This movie didn’t have the flare of the first; however, it holds up fairly well.

Here is the basic plot…During the 1880s, handsome young cattleman Jim Craig (Tom Burlinson), accompanied by his herd of Australian horses, returns to his hometown of Snowy River to be with his love, Jessica Harrison (Sigrid Thornton). However, Jessica’s father, Harrison (Brian Dennehy), steadfastly opposes their relationship, preferring Alistair Patton (Nicholas Eadie), an egotistical banker’s son, as a potential suitor. When Patton learns Jessica wants to be with Jim, he sets out to steal Jim’s prized horses.

Bruce Rowland reprises his role as film composer for this production. Even though it was a made for tv movie, it continues the story and gives us closure on some of the characters.

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Back to the Mountains


Skill At Arms


Now do we fight them?


Black Stallion Ride


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