“Once upon this same earth, beneath this same sun, long before you, before the ape and the elephant, as well; before the wolf, the bison, the whale, before the mammoth and the mastodon, in the time of the dinosaurs. Now the dinosaurs were of two kinds. Some had flat teeth, and ate the leaves of trees, and some had sharp teeth for eating meat, and they preyed upon the leaf-eaters. Then it happened that the trees began to die. The mighty beasts who appeared to rule the earth, were, in truth, ruled by the leaf. Desperate for food, some of the dinosaur herds struck out to the west, in search of the Great Valley, a land still lush and green. It was a journey toward life,” the narrator said.

This lovely Don Bluth film gives us a group of five unlikely friends who make a journey from one part of the ancient world to another, facing dangers beyond a child’s nightmare.

Here is the basic plot…Littlefoot (Gabriel Damon), a young plant-eating dinosaur, is orphaned after his mother (Helen Shaver) perishes while protecting him from a vicious carnivore. With her last breath, she tells him how to get to the legendary Great Valley, where he will be reunited with others of his kind. With his friend Cera (Candace Hutson), Littlefoot sets out for the fabled land, meeting a variety of new friends along the way — while also being tracked by the killer dinosaur that mortally wounded his mother.

This was a very enjoyable movie. However it was very dark and didn’t have very many happy moments. This helped the animation style that Don Bluth was so famous for.

The score for the film was composed by the well known James Horner. He captured the innocence of the film. The sad thing is that they created 14 made for dvd cartoons. All inferior to the original.

You can get the soundtrack on Amazon. It is very expensive though. 75.00 worth.

Its very difficult to find.

You can also find the score on ITunes.

Here are some clips for your listening enjoyment!

The Soundtrack Suite


Discovery of the Great Valley


Sharptooth and Earthquake


Rescue and Discovery of the Great Valley


Well that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed it! Look forward to next week when I bring you Return to Snowy River. Happy Listening.