What I most find about the recent Star Wars franchise films is that most people are actually tired of them, after having them one after another. Most don’t realize that even “solo” films are left off because of wanting to finish the main story. Also, the media doesn’t help with this respect. Writing off Solo: A Star Wars Story was completely inappropriate. Solo, as a character, is great! The film is fantastic! It’s amazing, enjoyable, and fun.  It’s a heist movie. Is that so wrong? Did having Ron Howard make the film worse? No! Ron Howard actually saved that movie from utter destruction. Again, what doesn’t make any sense is that each Marvel Movie that has been immensely successful, has just made over 400 million dollars worldwide! And what has Solo: A Star Wars Story made worldwide? $385,329,062 dollars is the total number! That isn’t even counting DVD, Blu-Ray, or Digital Sales.

With the successful writing of  Jonathan Kasdan and  Lawrence Kasdan, the film became a success. Most people who actually went to the theater to see it, loved it! Alden Ehrenreich played a great Han Solo, Woody Harrelson made a great swindler and mentor for Han, and Emilia Clarke…Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous and pure charisma helped her, and? that doesn’t even cover Donald Glover who performed the Lando Calrissian role brilliantly! Chewbacca was in true form, different actor, Joonas Suotamo, but performed it so well. I loved this movie, I want to watch it over and over again!

Now this brings me to the most wonderful part of the film…The music. I feel that they needed to include John Williams, because of the pure history of Star Wars and how John has been able to establish the character through various themes in previous films. John Powell pulled off the score wonderfully, using some very familiar themes from The Empire Strikes Back and well used themes such as Luke’s theme for introducing The Millineum Falcon for the very first time. It’s wonderful, the pure presense of the music calls to us music fans and encases a sheer joy in watching it on the screen as well. I’ve listened to Solo at least 9 times now and still love every minute of that score. John Williams only provided “The Adventures of Han Solo”, while John Powell absorbed the work of creating the film music to take us on this wonderful adventure.

I know what you are thinking at this point…how can one man bring out the essense of Star Wars so well? Can I illustrate?

Take a listen to this piece of music from the film…

John Powell couldn’t have brought this piece out any clearer with bringing in some very tribal motifs and creating a theme for this band of rebels who were against the Empire from the start!

Another piece I’d like us to consider is Reminiscence Theory that brings out so many fantastic memories from previous films…

I love how John Powell really highlights some key moments from The Empire Strikes Back as well as little elements of Star Wars wrapped up into this one piece of music.

I love it!

Now to close out this extensive explanation of a glorious film is the one and only John Williams with “The Adventures of Han Solo”

I hope this breif look at the film and music of Solo: A Star Wars Story has altered your theories about the film, about the music and especially changed your thoughts so you will give this movie a chance! See it, like it’s your very first time seeing Han Solo on the big screen. Enjoy this fun popcorn movie and remember…May the Force Be With You…Always.

Until next time. Happy Listening!