Today on Soundtrack Alley, I’ve got a special show that I’ve had over on Cinematic Sound Radio for a long while. It’s called Anime Spectacular! Cinematic Sound Radio is on Hiatus at the moment and I wanted to share my end of year show for 2020 on Soundtrack Alley so you all don’t miss it!

I’ve got 10 anime’s that I review on my show and it’s in two part increments. Both parts will air at the same time and one following the next! So you can listen to one, then keep listening to part 2 directly after the first!

It’s going to be amazing because once a month after this I’ll start sharing my older shows from Anime Spectacular that I have over on Cinematic Sound Radio! You’ll love each and every one!

So sit back and enjoy!

Cinematic Sound’s theme music is composed by David Coscina.

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