With a classically trained composer Chris Edgar, I interview him with Jenn Paige the director of the film Playing With Beethoven. The film hit theaters on Nov. 26th. You can also rent the film on Vudu, Amazon, and other places. I discuss with Chris, his influences, his background, the specific process for recording live with classically trained players of orchestral instruments, as well as some other unique tools he has learned in his collaboration with Jenn Paige. Jenn Paige has been an actress, and now has become a director who directed the film The Breakout The Rock Opera. Now going on with this new project Playing with Beethoven. Both are very skilled and enjoy the light conversation surrounding the film. Along the way you’ll hear some well placed cues from the film and from other projects given the scope and range that these two fine creatives have given us. Listen well, enjoy the conversation and watch the film.

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