It’s here! My annual review of science fiction film and television for 2021. It’s a large show, and I’ve split it into four parts. Today you’ll hear music from Monster Hunter, Shadow in the Cloud, Little Fish, Chaos Walking, Godzilla Vs Kong, Mortal Kombat, The Mitchells Vs the Machines, A Quiet Place Part II, The Tomorrow War, Black Widow and Snake Eyes!

I’ll be listing here the cues from each segment so you know what the music is. It’s a massive show and I’m doing four of them so sit back, enjoy the day and listen to some great music!

Monster Hunter – Paul Haslinger ; World’s Beyond Our Senses, Diablos, Monsters in Hiding

Shadow in the Cloud – Mahula Bridgman-Cooper; Losing the Plot, Maude’s Legacy

Little Fish – Keegan DeWitt; The Government has the cure

Chaos Walking – Marco Beltrami; Brandon Roberts; Love that Knife, Posse on the Move/Exploring the Ship, Riverbank Chase/Rapids

Godzilla Vs Kong – Tom Holkenberg; Hong Kong

Mortal Kombat – Benjamin Wallfish; Sonja Blade, Liu Kang

The Mitchells Vs The Machines – Mark Mothersbaugh; Katie’s Life/Good Cop Dog Cop, Rise of the Robots, Mall Robots Attack, Katie to the Rescue

A Quiet Place Part II – Marco Beltrami; From the Beginning, Dive, Regan on her own

The Tomorrow War – Lorne Balfe; Back from the Past, Homecoming, The Tomorrow War

Black Widow – Lorne Balfe; Natasha’s Lullaby, Yelena Romanoff, Natasha Soars

Snake Eyes – Martin Todsharow; Behind the Mask

Soundtrack Alley’s theme music is composed by Alexander Schiebel

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