Today we are delving into the television part of the show. We’ll cover seven shows and there will be six for the final part tomorrow. Today though you will hear music from Foundation, Jupiter’s Legacy, Star Trek Prodigy, Loki, The Bad Batch, Shadow and Bone, and WandaVision. It’s a very good collection of music and I discuss other programs but don’t share everything. There is just too much tv to cover for science fiction.

Here is the list of the Programming and the cues used.

Foundation – Bear McCreary; Main theme, Gaal Leaves Synnax, the promise of the imperium.

Jupiter’s Legacy – Stephanie Economou; The Utopian, Traversing the Crevasse, Tree Symbols, The Hilltop Battle.

Star Trek Prodigy – theme – Michael Giachinno; Score – Nami Melumad; Main Theme, Tars Lamora, The Last of Vau N’Akat, USS Protostar NX-76884.

Loki – Natalie Holt; TVA, Loki Green Theme, DB Cooper, Glorious Purpose

The Bad Batch – Kevin Kliner; Omega’s Theme, Battle Simulation, Stranger at the Bar.

Shadow and Bone – Joseph Trapanese; Ravka, Her Name is Alina Starkov, Fight for the Light.

WandaVision – CHRISTOPHE BECK; Wanda’s Theme, Beekeeper, The Strangest Thing, Westview, Missle Strike, Super Speed, Agatha All Along

Soundtrack Alley’s theme music is composed by Alexander Schiebel

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