Today on Soundtrack Alley, I’ll be discussing Critters from 1986. It’s a horror Sci Fi movie that created 6 total films but four that actually matter. Here is the basic plot…When strange fuzzy creatures from outer space arrive on a farm, the Brown family — Jay (Billy Green Bush), Helen (Dee Wallace-Stone), their daughter, April (Nadine Van Der Velde), and their son, Brad (Scott Grimes) — must fend off the malevolent little aliens. Two bounty hunters with superhuman abilities follow the aggressive beasts from beyond, but the warriors aren’t terribly effective, leaving the Brown family to battle the fur balls and rescue April from their clutches all by themselves.

So two actors reprise their roles through the four movie franchise Terrance Mann and Don Keith Opper.

I’ll discuss the film and also the score by David Newman.

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