A beginning is a very delicate time. Know then, that it is the year 10191. The known universe is ruled by the Padisha Emperor Shaddam IV, my father. In this time, the most precious substance in the Universe is the spice melange. The spice extends life. The spice expands consciousness. The spice is vital to space travel. The Spacing Guild and its navigators, who the spice has mutated over four-thousand years, use the orange spice gas, which gives them the ability to fold space. That is, travel to any part of the Universe without moving. Oh yes, I forget to tell you. The spice exists on only one planet in the entire Universe. A desolate, dry planet with vast deserts. Hidden away within the rocks of these deserts are a people known as the Fremen, who have long held a prophecy, that a man would come, a messiah, who would lead them to true freedom. The planet is Arrakis. Also known as Dune. This is Thus quoted by Princess Irulan who becomes a key role in the film.

The soundtrack by Toto is sweeping and epic. The score takes you into the political world of Dune as well as the desert dwellers of the Fremen. There are conspiracies that give you the chilling points in the music, not letting you forget that there are sinister forces at work.

The plot starts the whole series into a world of books as well. The book is well known and the 1984 movie is not the best example of the book. It gives you the highlights of the book though and is worth watching.

The plot:

In the year 10191, a spice called melange is the most valuable substance known in the universe, and its only source is the desert planet Arrakis. A royal decree awards Arrakis to Duke Leto Atreides and ousts his bitter enemies, the Harkonnens. However, when the Harkonnens violently seize back their fiefdom, it is up to Paul (Kyle MacLachlan), Leto’s son, to lead the Fremen, the natives of Arrakis, in a battle for control of the planet and its spice. Based on Frank Herbert’s epic novel.

The movie was directed by David Lynch, but the score is done by the group Toto. They do an amazing job with it as well.

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Would you like to have some clips?

Here is the Dune symphonic Suite.

Here is the main title

Dune Prophecy

The Big Battle

The Desert theme.


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