attack-of-the-clones dark horse

“The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun the Clone War has.”

From the beginning of the score to the end of the album, John Williams weaves the Love Theme between Anakin and Padme along with the Clones theme. The music is beautiful and soars through your imagination. The movie may not have the best acting, however the themes to the soundtrack are impressive. John Williams even gives us the themes to The Imperial March and the Darth Vader theme, increasing the awareness that one day Anakin Skywalker will become Darth Vader and there isn’t anything that can stop it.

The characters in the film grow on you and you see the conflict in Anakin, you see the love that Padme once has for this Jedi who doesn’t yet know his place in the grand scheme of things. I find the story of their forbidden love interesting, Padme wants it and yet feels it would impede her progress as a Senator. Anakin wants to love Padme simply to defy the Jedi, to be his own person and ignore the Jedi Way.

These simple themes are woven through the score. We also get more into Obi-Wan Kenobi’s character in the score as he pursues the mystery of how the clone army was made, who made the order, and why. His search takes him across the galaxy to the world of Geonosis, where there are insect like aliens bent on destroying anything in their path. Its like a blind obedience that they have.

I really appreciate the score that John Williams gives us and I really look forward to the seventh film The Force Awakens.

Here for your listening pleasure is the main Love Across the Stars for Attack of the Clones.


Thats all I have for now! See you for my next post and happy listening!