It was a cold, snowy day in early December. Lack of funds had forced my old school to close. I was being sent to a new one in the middle of term. I was accustomed to the opened, relaxed expanse of the country, and now, I was in the heart of London at the height of the Victorian Era. The streets were teeming with every activity imaginable. I was very taken by what I saw. As I stepped from my carriage, the sight of my new school filled me with fear and apprehension, yet, I was swept with a wave of curiosity. However, nothing could prepare me for the extraordinary adventure that lay ahead, or the extraordinary individual who would change my life.

Thus said Watson when encountering Sherlock Holmes for the first time.

Steven Spielberg weaves a intricate tale of mystery and suspense, giving us the full flavor of Young Sherlock Holmes and his first real adventure. This is a movie that even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be proud of.

The Music was composed and conducted by Bruce Broughton who has done other movies in times past.

What is the plot of this wonderful movie?

Here it is…A teenage Sherlock Holmes (Nicholas Rowe) meets and befriends his future sidekick, the bemused and bespectacled John Watson (Alan Cox). During their first semester of boarding school, a series of deaths occur on campus. Intrigued by the crime, Holmes looks into it and soon comes to suspect a poisonous hallucinogen. And then, in the midst of their investigation, Holmes and Watson stumble on a bizarre cult with a penchant for human sacrifice — after which they must struggle to escape.

As you listen to the score you can feel yourself in Victorian London trying to solve a crime. This score by Bruce Broughton is one of my favorite scores. I will continue to adore this for a long time.

Here is the Amazon link to the score.

There isn’t a link for the Young Sherlock Holmes score. I imagine you can find it on ebay or other sources. This is a soundtrack you need to add to your library.

Here are some clips from the score.

Here is the Suite

Main Titles

Waxing Elizabeth

Fencing Lesson

The Riddle Solved



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