“So that’s what’s got you green around the gills this morning. The first sign of spring in the bush and the young bucks start butting heads.” Sean Mercer ranted.

This movie is one of my favorites. Not only does it include John Wayne, but also Red Buttons. The music is by Henry Mancini and is perfectly composed for a movie shot in Africa.  The movie Hatari is a bit older, but very enjoyable. What’s this classic film about?

Here is the plot…A Tanganyka-based group of hunters (Red Buttons, Hardy Kruger, Gérard Blain) led by Sean Mercer (John Wayne) trap wild African animals for zoos. A curvaceous reporter (Elsa Martinelli) documents their exploitswhile having epic clashes with the gruff Irishman. She is initially frozen out of the testosterone-filled group until her strong-willed personality endears her to the men.

The film was directed by Howard Hawks and it gives us excitement and real footage of Africa and the animals there. Henry Mancini steps up and really gives us a score to go really well with the film. Anyone who hasn’t seen this movie must see it!

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Here is the intro…


Baby Elephant Walk


Sounds of Hatari


Opening Rhino Hunt Clip


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