“Technically, G.I. Joe does not exist, but if it did, it’d be comprised of the top men and women from the top military units in the world, the alpha dogs. When all else fails, we don’t.” General Hawk retorted confidently.

This movie gets alot of flack for being a movie from a Hasbro toy line. It has great special effects, great actors, excellent fight scenes and a really good score! Alan Silvestri composed the music and kept it modern. The best thing is that it still sounds like its out of the 80’s. We have a multitude of talented people on this project too.

You have General Hawk who is Dennis Quaid, Cobra Commander who is Joseph Gordon Lovett, Destro is Christopher Eccleston (A.K.A. Doctor Who), Sienna Miller, and Channing Tatum. All these characters are great in the film and it gives us a fun exciting piece of action that leads us to the sequel as well.

Here is a brief sampling of the score.

Here is your sample! Enjoy!


Well that’s it for today, look forward to Sunday’s Post, The Great Mouse Detective. Happy Listening!