Hasegawa: No one messes with the Ministry of Public Welfare!

What is Roujin Z? Some have wondered that since I have posted it. It is about a bed that is robotic and takes on a mind of its own. Here is the basic plot…An experimental machine designed to care for the elderly transforms itself into an unstoppable robot.

Its a zany comedy directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo, and the story was done by Katsuhiro Otomo. The soundtrack is unique for a Japanese Anime, it was composed by Bun Itakura.  Its difficult to find the score to this crazy, mixed up adventure of a anime, but the mechanics of the robot are just plain awesome! Japan has the ability to draw robots and robot like things with precision, making them seem more like it would be in real life. Fun adventure and comedic timing in the movie lead to wonderful laughs.

The main voice actors, now i’m listing english, because its easier to watch, are as follows…

Toni Barry as Haruko

Sean Barrett as 1st Ache

Adam Henderson as Maeda

and one that I note of is

Jana Carpenter as Norie.

So you can find the score on Anime The Hylia.

Would you like some clips?

Here you go…


Z Accepter


Happy Circle


Impressions of a Momento


Ending Run, Bicycle Run


Well that’s all for this week, look forward to next week when I bring you Freejack! Happy Listening!