Hello one and all, today marks August 1st! It is officially Jack Kirby month for me. What a better way to kick off the month but with a great comic book creator and artist interview!  Today I’ve got Phil Hester on the show with me from an interview at O Comic Con!  We will talk his fundraiser through the Hero Initiative for The Kirby 100’s!  For those of you who don’t know Phil Hester, he has a long line of comics under his belt. He has been in the comic business for a long time and has appreciated Jack Kirby art over the last couple years.

Here is a link to Phil Hester’s work…Phil Hester is Amazing! 

Also here is a link to Phil Hester’s Twitter where he will be posting for the Fundraising event!

Phil Hester Twitter

Also if you don’t know some of Jack Kirby’s work I’ll be sharing four podcast this month in regard to a different Jack Kirby Property. This Friday you can look forward to Captain America: The First Avenger!

So without further adu, here is the interview…


Also here are the links to The Hero Initiative as well as Omaha Bound.

The Hero Initiative

hero-masthead (1)


Omaha Bound



Happy Listening