From the very first time of watching the film til watching the music video that Cyndi Lauper produced and sang, I’ve been a Goonies fan. It spoke to me on a personal level. The Goonies came out at a time I was too young to appreciate. I only appreciated it when I was 13 and 14 years old. I had a childhood friend who lived only three blocks from me. I still recall all the shenanigans that we got into throughout our entire youth. To this day, we can still joke about those times and appreciate what we are now and how we are better even with all the crazy stuff we did.

You’ll see today that I’ll be examining The Goonies with the film score by Dave Grusin. A great film with a very energetic score.

I really appreciated this score and what it did to the images on screen.

I hope it calls back to a time for you just like it did for me.

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