“As I watched Holmes settle into his seat, a sudden feeling came over me – that I would most certainly be seeing him again. So ended my first adventure with Mister Sherlock Holmes. As I watched his carriage disappear into the distance, I realised that I had forgotten to thank him. He had taken a weak, frightened boy and made him into a courageous, strong man. My heart soared. I was filled with confidence. I was ready for whatever mystery or danger lay ahead. I was ready to take on the greatest and most exciting adventure of them all, and I knew it was bound to involve Sherlock Holmes.”

Adventure, danger, mystery…these are the hallmarks of a great enigma known by Sherlock Holmes. I saw this film when I was going into sixth grade and the film has stayed embedded into my mind. The character of Sherlock Holmes is world renown and has been adapted to television and film for many decades. This film executively produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Barry Levinson is one of my favorite adaptions. The episode today is a revisit of the material I recorded and I thoroughly enjoyed doing this one. I love the music by Bruce Broughton and it stays in my memory.

I hope you enjoy this episode as well.

Soundtrack Alley’s Theme music is composed by Alexander Schiebel

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