Today on Soundtrack Alley, I’ve got a special guest. This is a special interview episode.

Yasmeen Salama has been composing epic orchestral, soundtrack-style music for over 20 years, covering video game and movie themes as well as composing original works. She pulls inspiration from ethnic sounds around the world, and plays 10 instruments including: keys, flute, ocarina, tin whistle, recorder, duduk, dizi, quena, hulusi, and ney. 

We discuss her music career, the work she has done through covers of video games and her own original work.

We also discuss her various musical instruments used in her music. This is a stand out episode. You will enjoy it.

For a complete list of cues used in the interview please see the show notes through the podcasting platform.

Find Yasmeen Salama’s work and music through this link.

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