Today on Soundtrack Alley, It’s the annual Sci Fi Day Show presented in two parts for January 2nd!

You maybe asking, why not TV? Well, I haven’t curated my list on television programs yet this year. It is coming, just is gonna be possibly Friday. What do I have for you today? For this show I am presenting some excellent music from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with music by Tom Holkenberg. It’s jazzy, exciting and fun music. Next on the program will be Everything, Everywhere, All At Once, the music is composed by Son Lux. This is one amazing journey and thrill ride through the multiverse. You’ll love it.

Next on the program will be The Adam Project presented exclusively through Netflix. The film score is composed by Rob Simonson who also composed the music to Ghostbusters: Afterlife. I think you’ll like it. From there, we journey into Jurassic World Dominion which is a nostalgia fest as well as brilliant music by Michael Giacchino. I want to note that Giacchino composed six films this year alone. He did The Batman, which I can discuss here, but it won’t show up on my year end because I don’t consider it science fiction, He did Lightyear, Thor Love and Thunder, Jurassic World Dominion, Werewolf by Night, as well as the tv series Zootopia +.

The next film I discuss is the twisted psychological thriller Spiderhead exclusive to Netflix with the music composed by Joseph Trapanese. It’s edgy, dark and has some very complex moments to the film as well as the score. Lastly on today’s show will be Lightyear which is put out by Pixar and of course composed by Michael Giacchino.

Part 2 will also air tomorrow as well, there was just too much material for the one show.

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