Greetings from beyond the stars! For those of you first tuning in I am your guide on a journey through space and time in search for perfect soundtracks to give you a feel for the unknown. For those who have been here awhile I’m continuing my soundtrack pages to give you the pleasure of more music in your minds. I will continue to entertain you for every soundtrack I’ve loved from my childhood until now. 

My first soundtracks I will be presenting have already been shared on, but I am updating things, changing the look and feel of my site so you will continue to enjoy my post and see that this is a more professional site.  I’m hoping to get more followers and it will continue to grow. 

The first post will be for The Last Unicorn. I will share the main theme and a youtube video for the theme. I will also share links to Amazon where you can buy the theme. I will also share what will be coming next. I hope you find it useful and look forward to many more post!.

Until then please feel free to leave comments, follow my page and enjoy what I have to share. I will see you all very soon.